Employee Training Through Games

A playground for learners.

Custom eLearning Games

Games engage people with social and competitive elements that heighten attention, sustain focus, and drive action.


Average number of times a game
was played during training


Improvement in knowledge from
beginning to end of game

6 mins

Average length of
each game-play session

Playground for learners

Games provide an engaging training platform that improves comprehension and change behaviors. Games have been used for many different types of training programs:

•  New employee onboarding
•  Sales and product training
•  Leadership development
•  Safety
•  Security
•  Compliance
•  Systems & processes
•  Customer service

Training games drive 47% more engagement


“We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

The games are professional, engaging, and completely
customized for our brand. People have been LOVING them.”

Games for every type of training

Choose from our growing library of fun games such as Jump, Match, Scramble, and Recall.
Games are designed to drive more meaningful and rewarding experiences and to increase knowledge retention.


Based on the #1 game mechanic in the world, Match is a casual game in which players swap pieces on the the gameboard to create identical combinations of three or more icons.


In Jump, players are challenged to jump from platform to platform answering questions along the way. Players earn points and lives for each question they answer correctly and additional points for landing on a variety of platform types.


Scramble is a word puzzle that includes two modes: Word Scramble and Sentence Scramble. Players are presented either with a sentence that is missing a word or are presented with a word bank and are challenged to place them in the correct order.


The official Jeopardy!® for training game, created in partnership with Jeopardy Productions, Inc., follows the classic rules of America’s Favorite Quiz Show®. Each game you create can include up to three rounds – Jeopardy!®, Double Jeopardy!®, and Final Jeopardy!® – plus “Daily Doubles.”


Sort-It is a game that takes into account multi-levels of thinking. Players are presented with different categories in rows and columns along with a bank of answers that need to be correctly dropped into the appropriate rows and columns. 


Trivia transforms quizzes and assessments into an engaging, fun and competitive game with points, streaks, leaderboards, and timers. It’s ideal for boosting engagement and retention and rewarding learners for fast and correct decision making.


Recall is a game that helps with visual learning and memorization. The game tests a player’s ability to retain specific details without the benefit of knowing what to pay attention to beforehand. 


Scenarios puts players into realistic soft-skill situations (sales, customer service, negotiations, management, etc) with virtual characters and challenges them to test cause and effect decision making across several conversation paths.

rich analytics & Reporting capabilities

By collecting individual and group player data from each game you will quickly identify knowledge gaps and will be empowered to rework training content to be more effective.

Through the robust reporting, you’ll be able to analyze: scores, rank, sessions, session duration, % of questions correct/incorrect, number of attempts, and total questions answered.

getting started with games is easy


games with lms

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Author and manage your own games with the option of purchases the games alone.


games with questions

Get your games and questions created for your training needs by a Content Strategist.

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