Employee Training Quizzes

Fun quizzes for L&D and sales professionals.

Which training monster are you?

We all have different learning styles and preferences when it comes to the types of training we take. Answer this six-question quiz to find out which training modality monster is living inside you!

custom or off-the-shelf: which is right for you?

Your organization has unique needs and requirements, especially as it relates to your training programs. Find out if off-the-shelf or training is right for you by taking this training assessment.

How does your current onboarding training stack up?

Onboarding is a job-specific process that creates confident, engaged, and valuable contributors over many months. Find out if your organization’s onboarding program is leading the pack, a pioneer’s dream, or somewhere in between?

Unboxed Consulting Assessment

When it comes to solving business problems and meeting learning needs, we take a consultative approach to truly understand your organization and objectives. How can Unboxed help?

ipad with preview of consulting quiz