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Global pharmaceutical company increases retention with new experiential learning training platform


This global pharmaceutical leader needed to update their training solutions to address the demands of their new mobile, modern sales teams.

“Best learning tool yet.”
Selling and Marketing Excellence Director

training games drive 47% more engagement for u.s. financial services company


This large company needed to find a more engaging way to help their merchant partners to master basic knowledge of credit and finance, to reduce risk, and to improve customer experience.

“We couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Associate Vice President

25 training tips in 25 minutes: best practice

Find out the shared approaches we’ve seen maximize training outcomes for our clients, and how to incorporate them into your training.

Lochinvar Makes Training Easy by Choosing Spoke®
Lochinvar Makes Training Easy by Choosing Spoke®

A manufacturer of high efficiency boilers had great online training, but the learning management system (LMS) that delivered it left them wanting more. A cumbersome user experience and limited customer support sent them searching for a better way. Two years and many...

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