by L. Sanders | March 11, 2024 | 5 Min Read

Unlocking the True Value of Training Through Key Metrics


If executive leaders in your company/organization were asked, “Does your L&D team do a good job?” — what would their answers be?

“Absolutely.” “I think so.” “Hmm. Good question…”

The best, hoped-for answer would be a definitive “YES, and…”

Yes, they are doing a good job, and here’s why I know this to be true.

A leader with this response probably has an L&D department that excels in at least these two areas:

  1. L&D has established key metrics (that are shared).
  2. Those metrics are aligned to company objectives.

Aligning Metrics with Organizational Goals

Most organizations have some basic training metrics, like surveys that ask: “My company provides training to help me excel in my job.” Or satisfaction scores after a course is completed.

L&D teams that are “next level” first look to define metrics that align to organizational goals. Metrics then serve as a north star, guiding the evaluation process by providing clear, measurable goals aligned with critical business objectives.

For instance, if the company’s key objective is to increase sales revenue by 10%, the L&D team should establish this as one of their KPIs, then identify objectives that support the effort.

The alignment of training metrics with organizational goals ensures that learning initiatives are not just an academic exercise but a strategic tool driving the company forward. This alignment requires a deep understanding of the business’s strategic direction and how employees' behaviors and performances can contribute to these goals.

Time for some self-reflection:

  1. Can your L&D team identify the organization’s current top goals and metrics?
  2. Are those goals aligned with the L&D team’s objectives and KPI’s?

Realizing the Unboxed Vision

Unboxed Training & Technology is poised to help you go from where you are to where you want to be with creative, actionable solutions. With our consulting services, we partner with you to craft a roadmap from your current position to where you aspire to be, leveraging creative, data-driven solutions.

Our Efficiency Assessment service compares time spent in training to performance outcomes, providing insights into training efficiency. Organizations can assess whether the time invested in training translates into improved skills, productivity, or other desired outcomes.

With us as your partner, navigating this landscape becomes an opportunity to significantly enhance your organizational capabilities. We are committed to transforming your L&D strategy into a measurable driver of success, ensuring every training initiative is optimized for maximum impact.

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