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Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders


Expected HR trends for 2023

What will be HR's key priorities in 2023? In order to uncover HR trends and evaluate HR goals and anticipated difficulties for 2023, Gartner polled more than 850 human resources leaders from 60 different countries and across all major industries. The efficacy of leaders and managers is at the top of the list, but change management, the employee experience, recruiting, and the future of work are also important.

If you are like the majority of the industry & recognize your employees and company need leadership training, Unboxed can help. In this article, we’re discussing the benefits of great leadership training & the top ways to deliver high-quality training to your employees.

The Top 7 Benefits of Leadership Development Training

A survey by PwC found that current millennial workers value learning and development above financial rewards like cash bonuses.

Employees want leadership training and opportunities, and this is good news for company employers. Creating and implementing a leadership training program allows you to reap the many benefits of employee training while satisfying your employees’ desires for development.

Here are the top seven ways a great leadership course supercharges a company’s workforce.

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1. Engages Employees

The number one reason to offer leadership training to employees is that it leads to higher engagement from them.

When you offer leadership training, you’re telling your employees that they’re valuable to the company. Employees who feel valued also feel more connected to their work and the organization.

Leadership training in the workplace helps engage employees and helps them form an emotional commitment to their work and workplace.

2. Increases Productivity

Another beneficial result of leadership training (and engaged employees) is increased productivity.

With leadership training, employees have the opportunity to set new goals and reach new heights professionally. As employees set and achieve their goals, they’ll be encouraged to keep developing more goals and working towards them—it’s a continuous cycle.

Leadership training also helps employees recognize areas for growth and then work to develop them. The quicker that employees can pinpoint areas of improvement and grow in them, the more effective and productive they’ll become.

3. Helps Retain Employees

A recent study found that the average cost-per-hire for companies is $4,129, and then another $1,000 to onboard a new employee—that’s over $5,000!

To save your company hiring and onboarding costs, it’s essential to retain employees. Engaging employees through leadership and training development increases the likelihood that an employee will stick around. When you equip employees with development opportunities, you’re grooming them to take on more responsibility for your company in the future as needed. Leadership roles create a sense of loyalty for your employees and keep them invested in the company.

Additionally, employee dissatisfaction with managers and leaders is a top reason employees leave a company. By offering leadership training to managers, you’re upskilling your managers and helping them become better leaders. Managers who are good leaders will in turn keep their employees invested, involved, and satisfied in the current work environment.

4. Builds Confidence

If an employee ever asks you, “Why take a leadership course?” you can tell them that it’s an excellent way to build confidence.

Some employees may not be confident in their ability to step into a leadership role. Offering leadership programs can help prepare employees and give them the confidence to lead. By giving employees the proper training and resources, you can ensure they’ll be ready to handle the next leadership challenge that comes their way.

5. Develops Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is something every leader needs. It’s the ability to understand your own emotions, the emotions of others, and how to respond to these positively. An emotionally intelligent leader can handle the pressures of their job more effectively. They can also engage and interact with employees to empower them to think differently or to overcome challenges.

Some people may already have high emotional intelligence, while others may need some training. You can tailor a custom leadership program to fit your employee needs. If you need more emotionally intelligent leaders, then implementing a training program highlighting emotional intelligence can help meet this need.

6. Promotes Communication and Feedback

Why do leadership training in the workplace? Another reason is to create a space for open communication and regular feedback.

A corporate leadership development program promotes two-way communication between managers and employees. It opens the floor for employees to ask questions and understand your company’s leadership structure better. Open communication helps:

  • Build trust
  • Foster inclusion
  • Create unity

Leadership programs also provide an opportunity for feedback. Feedback from employees in training helps you measure your leadership program’s effectiveness and know what changes to make. Receiving positive feedback also helps your employees learn and grow in their leadership abilities.

7. Prepares Employees for Internal Promotions

If you’re looking to hire new management positions, you may wish to hire from within your company. Often the best new hires are the ones that are already part of your organization. They’re familiar with your culture, vision, and values, and they have relationships with those inside your company and understand how the company works.

Leadership training programs are an excellent way to think ahead and prepare current employees for future company roles (which will also cut down on extra hiring and onboarding costs).

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Achieve Your Expectations from Leadership Training

It can be unclear what to expect from a leadership course, especially if you’ve never done one or implemented one in the workplace before. However, once you know the benefits of leadership development training, you’ll want to start one in your organization immediately.

Recognizing the need for leadership training and putting a program into place will allow you to:

  • Engage employees
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Build employee confidence
  • Instill emotional intelligence into leaders
  • Encourage communication and feedback
  • Prepare and promote from within

These seven benefits should answer your question, “Why do leadership training?” and get you thinking about starting one today.

At Unboxed Training & Technology, we know a thing or two about leadership training programs. Whether you’re looking to start a new leadership development program or need fresh content for an old training, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Request a demo of our Custom Management and Leadership Training Program: Your company is unique, and your training should be, too. Our team will take the time to talk with you, understand your training needs, and deliver custom training that meets (and exceeds!) your expectations.

We’re ready and excited to help you deliver high-quality training to your employees!

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