by D. Romero | Aug. 10, 2016 | 7 Min Read

Spoke® Updates: Course Ratings & Reviews & More


With the latest Spoke® release, learners get three new enhancements that give them a more personalized, effective, and interactive experience. Are you ready? Here they are!

Course Ratings & Reviews

The Course Ratings & Reviews feature allows learners to—you got it—rate a course after they’ve completed it. And, because we know learners are busy, we kept the user interface simple. Learners can give the course a star rating from 1 to 5, and then briefly say why they chose that rating. Only course administrators can see course ratings and reviews, and they can (and should!) use the data to identify gaps and improve the learning experience on an ongoing basis.

Custom Certificate Image

Some of our Spoke admins wanted to go above and beyond and further personalize their training certificates. We said, “Sounds good!” so now Spoke offers a Custom Certificate Image option. This allows course administrators to replace the default certificate background image with a custom image. For course admins who want to keep it simple, who say, “Default is just alright with me!”, the custom certificate image feature will only be enabled upon request. Don’t worry. We've got you.

“Follow A Person” Hover State

Spoke’s core principles are simple, social, and engaging—and our clients have shown us some amazing discussions happening in their Spoke communities. One of the best ways users can learn best practices being shared on Spoke is by following colleagues and leaders who share great ideas, resources, and feedback. That said, we didn’t want the decision to follow a colleague to mean a series of disruptive new screens and clicks. Because, we all hate it when that happens, right? Instead, we wanted learners to be able to stay engaged in the Spoke discussion. So, we introduced the “Follow a Person” Hover State, which allows learners to follow colleagues by simply hovering over a person’s name with their mouse or trackpad. Learners can choose to “follow” multiple people without ever leaving a community discussion or dashboard page. The hover state is available any time a learner’s avatar and user name is displayed. Learners can always keep track of who they're following via their account settings page.

Be Heard

We prioritize Spoke enhancements based on user feedback. Do you have something you’d love to see? Tell us what’s on your wish list! If you’re not currently using Spoke and want to take a closer look, we’d love to give you the grand tour.

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