by B. Leach | Nov. 29, 2012 | 7 Min Read

Got a Minute? An Animation Can Make the Most of It.

CarLotz animation screenshot

Like many of our clients, CarLotz needed their marketing to multitask. Specifically, they needed help getting customers excited and comfortable with their process while highlighting the benefits. We recommended a one-minute animation to bring the CarLotz process to life in a way that’s fun and easy to understand. But we didn't just stop with mechanics. We also wove in the value proposition and unique DNA that makes CarLotz so cool: customer service, transparency, and their people.

Here's what CarLotz co-founder Will Boland has to say about it: Unboxed: Thanks for taking time to meet with us, Will! Can you tell us the CarLotz story? Will: CarLotz is a used vehicle consignment business designed to help consumers save time and money in the sale-by-owner market. Traditionally, when consumers sell a used car they have only two alternatives: (1) sell to a dealer which results in a price 15%-25% below the actual private party value; or (2) sell it on their own, which is time consuming and dangerous. CarLotz offers consumers a third option. Sellers get more money for their cars without the traditional hassles, while buyers get more car for their money while shopping in a safe, comfortable environment. Unboxed: When you came to Unboxed, you had a business goal/challenge in mind. Can you tell us more about it? Will: Carlotz brings a new and unique approach to the used car market, so a key marketing challenge was how to educate consumers on how our process works. While the CarLotz concept is pretty simple, we know that the used car market can seem opaque and intimidating. Our consignment model brings a lot of transparency, and we were looking for an innovative way to tell potential customers how different we are, how hard we work to save buyers and sellers time and money, and how much fun we have doing it. Unboxed: Creating an animation was the obvious choice! What have you seen as a result? Will: First and foremost, the customer feedback has been phenomenal! Most consumers who visit the CarLotz website are interacting with our brand for the first time, and Unboxed's animated video tells the CarLotz story in a fun, imaginative, and genuine way. The video has also given our customers and employees an easy way to let people know how CarLotz works. It can be emailed, linked to, or distributed through social media, making it very easy for people to consume and share with others, which in turn puts the CarLotz name in front of a lot more people. Unboxed: Can you describe what it was like to work with the team at Unboxed? Will: Working with the Unboxed team was awesome! They are super smart and creative, but most importantly, they are great listeners. Unboxed had a strong intuitive sense for how the CarLotz process works and how we help buyers and sellers, but we were impressed with the time they took to understand everything we wanted to communicate with the video. As a result, the video is not only informational for the consumer (goal #1) but also allowed us to share some important elements of the CarLotz brand and culture. Namely, it lets the consumer know to expect a fun, comfortable, transparent, and professional service experience at CarLotz. Unboxed: If you were to recommend Unboxed to another business, what would you highlight? Will: If you work with Unboxed, get ready to be wowed. Their work product speaks for itself, but how they get there is just as pleasing. Our team was on time, on budget, and incredibly responsive to our questions and needs. They do what they say they will and much more. If you need your marketing to multitask and you’ve got a minute, we'd love to talk. Drop us a note or call us at 804.888.6222.

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