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Our Secret Sauce to Sales: Employee Coaching Software

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Did you know that only 21% of employees believe that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to be excellent at their jobs?

If you're a sales manager, you can improve your team’s performance by implementing a better sales coaching process via employee coaching software.

We get it, you don’t have all of the time in the world, but your sales team needs your attention – maybe even more than you think. With over half of the U.S. workforce not being engaged, you’ve most likely got your work cut out for you.

Learn what employee coaching software is, what to expect from it, and what to look for in coaching software.

Now, let’s get down to business.

What is Employee Coaching Software?

Before we dive into the details of sales coaching software, what is employee coaching software?

Employee coaching software is like a personal sales coach for your team that lives inside of a tool like Hub360 Coach. When you’ve got software to streamline the sales coaching process, you can coach more employees, more efficiently.

Explore Coach: Employee Coaching Software

The “old way” of doing things in person isn’t going to work anymore, considering the state of the digital workplace. Gone are the days of looking over the shoulders of team members to provide feedback or on-the-job training.

A tool like Hub360 Coach gives managers and employees space to virtually engage in two-way interactions.

Now, you might be thinking only sales reps get all of the fun gadgets, but a coaching software platform isn't just helpful for those who work in sales. Any employee can benefit from well-designed coaching software with actionable insights.

Let’s review how you can improve team performance using employee coaching software.

What to Expect in Employee Coaching Software

Are you wondering, "why is sales coaching important?"

Think about it this way: have you ever played soccer without a coach?

The pick-up game may have been fun, but without a coach observing, evaluating, and directing from the sidelines, you’re just playing.

Soccer players need to run drills and practice with the oversight of a coach, giving them pointers on how to improve for the next time they step onto the field.

If you expect your employees to get better at their jobs, you need to coach them.

Without observing or measuring employee training progress or job performance, you can’t (1) benchmark where they’re at, (2) set realistic expectations for where you want them to be, or (3) provide an action plan for how they’re supposed to get there.

As a manager, you can’t handle the coaching process all on your own.

You need executive coaching software to be your eyes on the field (back to our soccer analogy) when you aren’t on the sidelines.

Here’s what you can expect with Hub360 Coach:

  • Observe learners by administering surveys and assessments remotely to check-in with how engaged your team is with the content.
  • Provide actionable coaching and feedback via two-way conversations with learners as you encourage and critique their progress.
  • Develop employee training plans through personalized, AI-powered recommendations to help employees reach their potential.
  • Use reporting tools to help you measure employee competency progression, team trends, and insights.

Coaching software eliminates guesswork from the training process. In turn, you can find gaps, fix inefficiencies, and get results faster.

Pro tip: Sales coaching skills aren’t inherent to every manager, but you can upskill with a custom management and leadership training program.

The benefits of employee coaching software are endless because it fosters ongoing learning as a company culture. Managers and leaders become invested in the growth of their teams and themselves.

What to Look for in Employee Coaching Software

Now that you’ve read up on what to expect inside employee training software, what should you look for in coaching software?

Here are some of the key things to consider when you’re searching for a coaching software platform.


In general, you're going to see better results from customized coaching software. Custom tools allow you to choose which sales coaching model works best for your team and tailor it to your learners’ needs. Investing in a customized program makes sure your team is getting the most out of their training time and aligns with company goals.

Tracking Tools

The best coaching software will provide you with robust measurement, tracking, and reporting capabilities. Easily monitor each employee's progress and keep track of how they're doing on tests and quizzes wherever you are. Tracking tools also make it easier for you to determine the program's effectiveness.

Observation and Assessments

In addition to tracking tools, you should also choose coaching software that allows you to assess employee engagement quickly. Tests, quizzes, and surveys provide managers with a holistic view of team training progress and knowledge gaps. In Hub360 Coach, you can also take notes and flag items that you want to follow-up on with learners.

Positive Reviews

Everyone knows that reliable reviews matter. Make sure you check out a company’s case studies on sales coaching software programs before you take the plunge and invest. Don't worry too much about the occasional outlier. Take note of what the average consensus is, and what most people say about the training software.

Within Budget, or Worth Busting it?

As a general best practice, consider your budget for employee coaching software before you start shopping. However, it can be worth spending more upfront on software with all of the functionality your team needs. If it boosts productivity and profitability, employee coaching software will pay for itself over time.

If you want to improve sales, coaching software is your next step.

Choose the Right Coaching Management Software Today

Now, it's time to begin your search. Keep the criteria listed above in mind, so you don't miss out on any benefits or features when selecting an employee coaching program.

Employee coaching can be the difference between sales teams reaching monthly sales goals and exceeding them.

If you want to start a conversation about sales coaching software, we know a guy. Well, more like a team of pretty awesome training and technology people.

At Unboxed Training & Technology, our team exists to train yours. Request a demo of Hub360 Coach to take our technology for a test run today!

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