by L. Sanders | Feb. 5, 2024 | 5 Min Read

Adaptive Learning Systems: Tailoring Education to Individual Needs


Love is in the air and at Unboxed Training and Technology, there’s nothing we love more than learning. This month we’ll focus on adaptive learning. In any thriving relationship, partners actively seek to understand each other’s preferences, unique needs, and communication styles. Personalization is the key to keeping relationships fresh. So, what does that mean for learning?

At its core, adaptive learning, is all about personalization – tailoring the learning journey to each individual’s unique needs.

What is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive learning uses AI and machine learning to create personalized educational experiences. This involves analyzing learners’ responses and behaviors and adjusting the content, pace, and learning method in real time based on a learner’s abilities, preferences, and progress. Similar to how understanding your partner’s preferred love language strengthens your relationship, adaptive learning allows for a relevant and effective learning process because it personalizes the experience for the learner. It’s differentiation at its finest since the learning is tailored to meet individual needs.

Benefits in Education and Corporate Training

For Educational Institutions:

Adaptive learning gives students customized learning experiences that cater to their strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits include:

  • Self-paced studies offer flexibility in scheduling, reducing student stress.
  • Adaptive support continually assesses student performance and adjusts learning material accordingly.
  • Customizable educational material is personalized and caters to individuals, so they receive the support they need.
  • Quicker feedback enables students to quickly identify areas for improvement and adjust their learning strategies.

In Corporate Settings:

Employees benefit from training that is directly aligned with their career goals and skills gaps.

Benefits include:

  • One-to-one instruction focuses on the individual.
  • Greater time efficiency allows learners to spend half the time in training.
  • Confidence-based approach enables learners to answer questions on content they claim confidence in, quickly targeting gaps and providing personalized feedback.
  • Individualized learning paths include personalized learning within a heterogeneous group and provide focused remediation.

Adaptive learning is more than a technological advancement; it’s a step towards a more inclusive and effective educational paradigm, where every learner's potential is maximized.

Realizing the Unboxed Vision

At Unboxed Training & Technology, we're harnessing adaptive learning principles to create L&D programs that aren't just personalized; they’re personal. Our AI-driven solutions understand your employees as individuals, offering them a learning journey that's a perfect match. From our customized learning design to our best-in-class LMS, Spoke®, we leverage adaptive learning to bring your training to the next level.

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